General Instructions


While on kayakarpam therapy, there are regimen and restrictions that are to be strictly followed. There are general instructions one should follow while on this therapy as well as specific regimen for each drug / therapy. The general instructions are briefed here.

1.       Time: In general kayakarpam medicines are advocated to be taken in the morning with few exemptions like kadukkai (Terminalia chebula), which should be taken in the evening.

2.       Age: Kayakarpam therapy is best effective, when one follows it during during the age period of between 30 and 70 years says a siddhar called Saint Sattamuni.


3.       Preparation: Before the initiation of treatment the body should be prepared to get rid of the toxins that have accumulated earlier, by appropriate procedures by cleaning the throat, bowels etc.


4.       Throat cleaning: Manjal karisalai (Eclipta alba LINN) paste mixed with ghee, applied in throat early morning for 40 days helps removal of toxins and eliminates the excessive kabam (phlegm) and pitha neer (bile) by expelling the mucus in vomit.


5.       Bowel cleaning: Katralai juice (Aloe vera Linn.) mixed with castor oil used as enema to promote bowel evacuation. Kadukkai (Terminalia chebula) decoction is used as safe and mild purgative while advocating kayakarpam for diseased conditions.


6.       Asanas: Practice of suitable asanas while consuming kayakarpam drugs produces good results.


7.       Diet: While on kayakarpam treatment, it is generally advised to be on vegetarian diet throughout the whole course, which is believed to enhance the potency of kayakarpam drugs. For some drugs, salt and pepper are advised to be added.


8.       Regimen: salt, tamarind, mustard, ginger, ash pumpkin, horse gram, tobacco, betel leaf chewing should be avoided and sexual abstinence is advised.


9.       Character: Pure character should be cultivated and mind should be kept pure and  indulgence in theft, false hood and evil activity should be avoided.


10.   Dosage: Usually the dosage of the drug is gradually increased day by day and in some cases it is decreased.


11.   Course: Once started the therapy should be continued till the end for optimal results. Usual course is mentioned as one mandalam in siddha texts (40 days) and it varies according to the drug.



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  • PUBLISHED DATE : Mar 18, 2016
  • PUBLISHED BY : Zahid
  • LAST UPDATED ON : Mar 30, 2016


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