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4. Electronic Vaccine Intelligence                                       Key Information
     Network (eVIN)                                                        Major Data Elements:
                                                                                  User Name
     Objective: eVIN is an integrated solution for System                     •   Facility Name
     Strengthening and Improving Program Governance. The                      •   Material/Vaccine name
     integrated solution combines:                                            •   Asset Type (Cold Chain
     Technology: Real-time information on vaccine stocks and                      Equipment and logger)
     storage temperature through the eVIN application and                     •   Handling unit (no. of
                                                                                  doses in a vaccine vial)
     temperature loggers                                                      •   Location type (State,
     Governance: Efficient vaccine logistics management by                        Region, Division,
     systemizing record keeping through standardizing stock &                     District, Block)
     distribution registers which are mapped onto eVIN app
     Human Resources: Strengthening cold chain network by                     Major KPIs:
     building capacities of vaccine cold chain managers at each               •   Avg. no. of stock-outs
     level                                                                        occurring per store in a
                                                                                  month (level & antigen
                                                                                  wise breakdown)
                                                                              •   Avg. no. of inadequate
                                                                                  stock instances per
                                                                                  store in a month (level
                                                                                  & antigen wise
                                                                              •   Functional status-wise
                                                                                  breakdown of
                                                                              •   % of CCE that have
                          Application Launch Year: 2015                           experienced >90%
         Data Entry, User Level, Training and Reporting                           uptime for the duration
                                                                                  of the program, by
                                                                              •   Number of temperature
      Data Entry: Real time                                                       excursions occurring in
      Data Level: Consolidated                                                    a- broken down by type
                                                                                  (cold alarm and hot
                                                                                  alarm), manufacturer
                                                                                  and model and level in
                                                                                  all "working"
      Compliance of Standards: eHR (Partially)                                    equipment's which are
                                                                                  not due to power
                                                                              •   Average duration for
                                                                                  which CCEs were in
      GIS Reporting: No                                                           unknown status per day
      BI Tools Usage: No                                                      •   % of CCH that logged
                                                                                  in at least once every
                                                                                  week in the month
      User Level: National, Government Medical                                •   % of Cold chain points
      Store depot, State, District, Block & Facility                              that entered issues for
      Training Conducted: 47000+ CC Handlers                                      Routine Immunization
                                                                                  vaccines every week
      Trained, 1300+ batches
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