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1. ANM-Online (ANMOL)                                                    Key Information

     ANMOL - App on Google Play
                                                                              Major Data Elements:
     Objective: ANMOL application has been designed to                        • Eligible Couple
     ensure timely tracking of beneficiaries for proper health                • Pregnant Women &
     care and promote family planning methods being adopted                      ANC Services
     by them. This application facilitates to ensure timely                   • Child Birth
     delivery of full competent of antenatal, postnatal &                        Registration
     delivery services and tracking of children for complete                  • Immunization
     immunization services. Application has been designed to                     Services
     meet the requirements of the RMNCH program by                            • VHND Services
     incorporating additional functionality and features of RCH
     portal.                                                                  • Work-plan for ANM’s

                                                                              Major KPIs:
                                                                              • Family Planning
                                                                              • Major Health
                                                                              • Child Health
                                                                              • Critical Indicators
                                                                              • Immunization
                Application Launch Year: 2016 (V1.0.1)
                                                                              Major Reports:
         Data Entry, User Level, Training and Reporting                       • Registration
                                                                              • Family Planning
                                                                              • PW Services
      Data Entry: Retrospective & Real time                                   • Delivery Outcomes
      Data Level: Beneficiary                                                 • Child Immunization

      Compliance of Standards: LGD, NIN, e-Gov

      GIS Reporting: No
      BI Tools Usage: No

      User Level: State, District, Block, Facility,
      Community workers
      Training Conducted: State level

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