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1. ANM-Online (ANMOL)                                                    Key Information

     ANMOL - App on Google Play
                                                                              Major Masters:
          Technology, Roll out Status, Mobile App and                         • Eligible Couple
                                 Dashboard                                    • Pregnant Women
                                                                              • Child Registration
         Technology                                   Mobile app and
        and Hosting           Roll-out Status            Dashboard            Data Integration:

                                                                              • RCH Portal

      Technology:             Rolled out in:          Mobile app:             Data Integration:
                                                      Yes                     Shared
      Android V5 &            • 10 States             App Name:               • RCH Portal
      above                                           ANMOL
      Maria DB
      JAVA                                            Dashboard:
      JSON API                                        Yes

      Hosting: NIC

      Mode of Application Development: Application
      developed by agency hired by UNICEF (M/s Dhanush
      Infonet Pvt Ltd)

      Aadhaar Captured: No                 Data Encryption: Yes

      Aadhaar                              Authentication
      Authentication: No                   Agency: NA

      Usage of Email/SMS: No

                Contact Details of Program Division

     Shri Nagesh Kumar Singh
     Director, MMP Cell, RCH Division, MoHFW
     406 D, Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi
     Phone: 011-23063968

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