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2. Comprehensive Primary Health Care                                     Key Information
     (CPHC) - NCD application                                                      Major Reports

          Technology, Roll out Status, Mobile App and                         • Individuals
                                 Dashboard                                       consuming tobacco/
                                                                                 alcohol or suffering
         Technology                                   Mobile app and             from TB.
        and Hosting           Roll-out Status            Dashboard            • Urban/PBS facilities/
                                                                                 HWC break up

      Technology:              Rolled out in:         Mobile app:             Major Masters:
      UBUNTU, Nginx,                                  Yes                     • Facility (Source: RCH
      TOMCAT, Docker           • 28 States/           App name:                 - LG Directory)
      containers,                UTs                  CPHC-NCD app            • ANM (Source: RCH)
      MYSQL, KONG,
      ProxySQL,                • 3 more states        Dashboard:              • ASHA (Source: RCH)
      Angular6(UI),              in process of        Yes                     • MO
      Android Native             onboarding           https://ncd.nhp         • DEO
      app                                                   • Staff Nurse(Source:
      Hosting: BSNL                                                             RCH)

                                                                              Data Integration:

      Mode of Application Development: Application                            • RCH for incentives
      developed by internal team provided by Dell                             • HWC for incentives
                                                                              • Dashboard data from
                                                                                 states which use
                                                                                 apps developed at
      Aadhaar Captured: No                Data Encryption: Yes

                                                                              Data Integration:
      Aadhaar                             Authentication Agency:              Shared
      Authentication: NA                  NA (Recent change, being rolled out   • Central Dashboard
                                          by first week of November )

      Usage of Email/SMS:- Yes
      1. Reminders
      2. OTP

                 Contact Details of Program Division

     Dr L. Swasticharan, NCD Division, MoHFW
     Phone: 011-23063537
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