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3. Drug & Vaccine Distribution                                           Key Information
     Management System (DVDMS) -                                              Major Reports

     Central Dashboard                                                        (contd…):                                                             • Stock out details
                                                                              • Coverage details
          Technology, Roll out Status, Mobile App and                         • Usage details
                                 Dashboard                                    • COVID Dashboard (for
                                                                                 Stock availability
         Technology                                   Mobile app and             details for COVID
        and Hosting           Roll-out Status            Dashboard               related EDLs)
                                                                              • Consumption Pattern

      Technology:             Rolled out in:          Mobile app: Yes         Major Masters:
                                                      App Name:               • Masters for Drug
      Linux 7.6               • Presently 23          Central                    Hierarchy (Group, Sub
                                                                                 Group, Drug Type,
      Jboss 6                    states are           Dashboard                  Drug Masters)
      PostGreSQL 9.4             onboard                                      • Masters for Facility
      PGAdmin                                         Dashboard: Yes             Types (Warehouses,
      Eclipse                                         (upto PHC level)           DH, MC, CHC, PHC,
                                                           UCHC, UPHC, SC etc.
      Hosting:                                                                • Job Master
      CDAC DC                                                                 • State Master
                                                                              • District Master

                                                                              Data Integration:
      Mode of Application Development: Through CDAC,
      Noida                                                                   Received
                                                                              • Andhra, Arunachal,
                                                                                 Bihar, Gujarat,
                                                                                 Himachal, Jammu &
                                          Data Encryption: Yes
      Aadhaar Captured: No                                                       Kashmir, Jharkhand,
                                          (User Credentials)                     Madhya Pradesh,
                                                                                 Maharashtra, Manipur,
      Aadhaar                             Authentication Agency:                 Meghalaya, Punjab,
      Authentication: NA                  NA                                     Rajasthan, Telangana,
                                                                                 Uttarakhand, Uttar
                                                                                 Pradesh, Chhattisgarh,
      Usage of Email/SMS:                                                        Dadar& Nagar Haveli,
      Email as well as SMS feature is present in DVDMS and                       Haryana, Karnataka,
      Central Dashboard applications. State wise usage as per                    Kerala, Odisha, Tripura
      state’s requirements (SMS & email)
                                                                              Data Integration:
                Contact Details of Program Division                           • CHI Dashboard
                                                                              • Health Minister
      Shri Nagesh Kumar Singh                                                    Dashboard
      406 D, Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi                                         • NitiAyog (Stock out
      Phone: 011-23063968                       Data)

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