Maintaining Mental Health

Just as the body muscles require physical exercise to strengthen and endure; mind also require mental exercise to endure the strain of day to day life.  Poorly exercised mind  become feeble and fragile. Such mind can seldom face the blows of a stressful life leading to give injuries in the  mind to bear jolts and falls. Anxiety, depression, sleep disorders are the common results  to such people.  This makes it imperative to maintain a healthily functioning mind to keep mental illness at bay.

It is also necessary that, for the mental faculties to grow, they must be constantly trained and tuned to the happenings inside and outside the body. Practise helps  to develop our faculty and allows it to remain in a state of excellence. We know that practice makes a man perfect. And thus he is able to counter innumerable challenges which are an inevitable part of life. Be it fire or be it nanotechnology, no great invention or discovery has come without overcoming challenges and more so not without the sanity of a balanced mind. We must therefore keep facing challenges if we want our mind to remain healthy.


  • PUBLISHED DATE : Sep 28, 2015
  • LAST UPDATED ON : Sep 28, 2015


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