Mental hygiene

As in the case of maintaining general hygiene for physical health,  developing a healthy mind  is through imbibing good food for thought or ‘ChaitikAhaar’. This food for thought can be imbibed by participating in healthy discussions, socialising, meeting new people, meditating and if required by medicating. Good and healthy food for thought is as important as nutritious food for body.

Secondly, in our day to day life we are constantly encountered with unpleasant things. Such encounters leave imprints, some of them with negativity for hours and at times for days together. Poor socioeconomic state, a broken family, professional difficulties can weigh heavy on the individual and hamper healthy mental functioning. These are leading causes for divorces, suicides, depression, anxiety and substance abuse. These imprints differ from the physical ones in that they are not visible. Just like any other wounds, they wouldn’t heal well in the absence of clean and positive surroundings. Supporting the individual, family and community from the assaults of such wound is a major responsibility of healers.  Healing them and making sure that one doesn’t get injured again is the part of  preventive and promotive  mental health approaches. How can one achieve this healing in a gentle and natural way? Homoeopathy  is a system of therapeutics that go deeper into the inner balance of the individual,  capable to identify the imbalances and correct it through the constitutional approaches.


  • PUBLISHED DATE : Sep 28, 2015
  • LAST UPDATED ON : Sep 28, 2015


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